tisdag 13 december 2011

Prickig Katt

Mycket fint från Beundra i underbaraste butiken Prickig Katt i Göteborg.
A number of pretty things from Beundra in Gothenburgs most magical boutique, Prickig Katt (Dotty Cat).

Beundra-cape and a painting by Malin Leijonberg.

Two beundra-capes in the window.

julburkar/presentförpackningar Christmas tins/gift packaging

Fest-capen med fint halsband från Prickig Katt Party Cape and a necklace from Prickig Katt.


Visitors to Gothenburg should make a point of visiting Prickig Katt, where they will find themselves surrounded by beautiful things and experience a magical, unique atmosphere courtesy of the store's visionary owner / designer/ artist, Malin Leijonberg.

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